​​​John Hill
September 12, 2022

Urban Rifle Level 1 is the 4th course I have completed at DSA, and my 5th is upcoming in November. As a former flight instructor, it is easy to attest to the critical importance of recurring training. Marshall and the team at DSA offer a unique blend of the highest quality training, professionalism, challenge, and uncompromising safety, within a family atmosphere that makes learning enjoyable. This is hard to describe, but easy to understand once you’ve completed your first course.

In my opinion, Urban Rifle Level 1 should be a requirement for all AR-15 owners. You begin this course by learning how the AR-15 operates as well as how to properly disassemble, maintain, and reassemble your rifle. These skills are critical to understand before you move on to learning the safe handling and operation of the rifle.

During day 1 the course transitions from the classroom to the range where safety always comes first. Please be prepared for swift, firm correction when any unsafe behavior is observed. The balance of day 1 sets the table for day 2. You are taught how to safely handle your rifle, properly zero your optic at various distances, and how to shoot accurately (which is different than precisely).

Don’t let the name of this course fool you. “Level 1” sounds “basic” however you’ll quickly find your abilities and skills challenged during this class. Both mind and body are taught how to shoot effectively from various firing positions during several different drills. Pain relievers may be a good idea for some 😉. You will conclude this course with skills, abilities and confidence that exceed expectations. Check out the course description at dsaok.com for a comprehensive list of the skills taught.

What makes DSA special is the people. Marshall, Billy, and the entire team are masters at their craft and genuinely care for their students. Take a few minutes to read their qualifications on the “instructors” page at dsaok.com. Impressive is an understatement. When you attend any DSA course you are struck by how many students have taken multiple courses and travel great distances to do so. The loyalty of DSA students is a testament to the quality of the organization. I feel fortunate to be able to train with what I believe to be the best in the business anywhere.

Heather Kelley
June 9, 2022

I took the AP1 class for the second time. This is such a comprehensive, in depth and informational class that you can learn something new every time you take it! No matter how many times you take it! Marshall and his instructors are amazing, knowledgeable, patient and fun! DSA remains my most favorite place to train and I would personally recommend any one of their classes to literally anyone and everyone. Sign up for a class today! You wont regret it!

Trenton Powell
June 7, 2022

6.6.22 This past weekend I took Tactics and Room Clearing for Law Enforcement and Vetted DSA Students. I’ve taken several courses at DSA, this was my second time taking this course. It is my favorite one so far. It’s absolutely jam packed with information, yet it’s presented in such a clear and concise way you can’t help but want more. Mr. Billy Smith is such an excellent, patient, and thorough teacher. I love the intensity of this course. I truly hope that there will eventually be a Level II version of it. Thank you Marshall and your crew at DSA for everything you guys do.

Andres Sepulveda
June 5, 2022

My experience with DSA has been exceptional. The instructors are truly vested in your safety, education, and growth as learners. Adjustments and corrections are made as needed to meet the needs of the student. Small class sizes and leveled learning have enabled me to gain confidence in my abilities as a combat shooter. So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced shooter, you can count on Marshall and his group of subject matter experts to bring you training that’s not based on theory but on experience.

Alessa O'Dunadhaigh
June 2, 2022

Advanced Combat Pistol Level I: May 28 and 29, 2022.

The passion that the trainers teach with, the extreme measures they take to ensure range safety, the comradery shared amongst students, and the absolute attention to detail that is put into the curriculum are but a few of the reasons I am honored to be trained by the best teachers in the country at DSA. Marshall and his team of trainers inspire me to give my absolute best and leave it all on the range. WHAT DO I WANT OTHER WOMEN TO KNOW? How surprisingly attainable it is learning how to be 100% responsible for your own protection. This course scratches the surface on that and more.